How To Tie


When you are using your wrap for the first time you might be surprised how long the fabric is, but it all wraps up nicely with your baby close to you. I find it easiest to start with folding the middle section of fabric in half for the front section as it then goes neatly around your waist to over your shoulders.

Find the Baba Bushbaby label in the middle of the wrap and put it on your tummy. Wind each end of the wrap around your waist and up over opposite shoulders. This will make an X across your back.
Thread the two ends through the label section and cross around to your back.
You can now tie in a double knot. If there is a lot more fabric tie back around to either the front or hip. Please make sure you have tied a double knot.
Pull up the front section to cover baby.


Find the shoulder of the wrap which is closest to your body.
Hold baby with one hand on your shoulder. Put baby’s first leg through the shoulder part with your other hand.
Spread the fabric from baby’s bottom to knees and then hold baby using your other hand.
Place baby’s second leg through the other side and make sure the fabric is neatly spread over their bottom and both shoulders.
Pull up the remaining fabric with label over baby’s legs, and then up and over their back and shoulders.
Rearrange the fabric to make it comfy for you and baby, not too tight.


Please ensure the infant’s face is above the fabric, visible and free from obstruction at all times. Babies at the greatest risk of suffocation include those born prematurely, those with respiratory problems and those under 4 months of age. Ensure the baby does not curl into a ‘C’ position with the chin resting on or near their chest. This position can interfere with breathing even if there is nothing covering the nose and mouth.

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