Do You Rock Supermarket Trolleys?

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Do You Rock Supermarket Trolleys?

If you giggled when you read that, then like me you have probably rocked an empty supermarket trolley. This, along with a score of other things, are all signs that you are a mummy, and perhaps a bit of a sleep deprived one at that. I was thinking about my life before I became a parent and honestly, I don’t think I would ever have believed how much my life could change.

Take my sling for example, when I was practising wrapping myself up ready to put the baby in, I felt awkward and uncomfortable. But within just a few short tries of baby wraps, I would feel odd when I was not carrying her. Parenthood indeed arrives like a whirlwind and uproots all you thought you knew about life as an adult. With these little people suddenly dependent on us for everything you are totally forgiven for having days when you are totally overwhelmed. One day you are wondering if you can get away with a late night on Sunday, the next you are arriving at work with huge bags under the eyes and wearing a burping cloth over your shoulder counting the hours before you can be back with your baby once more.

My shopping habits no longer revolve around pretty shoes and a new dress, now it is baby shopping and sales for me. Trying to grab some bargains that although too big now, will be perfect, and in the right season in the next year or so. Suddenly I am actually using that high school maths I didn’t ever think I would! I get excited about a toy sale as I can get Christmas presents now and put them away for later. I love baby slings, well, I think most people can figure that out, but I had my own shameless selection of colours, some to match my outfit, some to match Kiki’s, well it would be rude not to really.

It felt natural to do the hoovering and washing up while wearing a sleeping baby, in fact, the hoover had proven to be something quite soothing! My arms seemed longer somehow, maybe they stretch when you are in labour. You would not believe the things you can do without disturbing the sleeping tot! Dexterity is my middle name! I have to say though, all the changes I have made, or that have evolved after the arrival of my bundle of joy, are things I now love and embrace. My heart is fuller even if my body is stretch and my eyes need matchsticks. I walked beaches and downs, supermarkets and boot sales with my newborn snuggled comfortably in the wrap

Chatting to friends of mums with more than one child I was loving the ingenuity of a newborn baby carrier combining with a demanding toddler on the hip, and marvelling at the sheer strength of mummies (and daddies) everywhere. Rearing humans is no mean feat, but we seem to have got it together quite well and seem to be making a pretty decent job of it.

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