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Baby Wrap Slings Go Eco-friendly

Baby Wrap Slings Go Eco-friendly

Baby Wrap Slings Go Eco-friendly

Baby Wrap Slings Go Eco-friendly: Baby wrap slings are my passion. I love finding new fabrics and creating amazing slings for you and your baby. The environment has long been a concern of mine, and the amount of waste we generate is horrifying. One of the reasons my slings have the wrap design is a nod and embrace to simplicity. There is often no need to complicate things is a world where chaos seems to have become the norm. With that in mind, I am working hard to embrace products that are not only practical and stylish but that have a minimal impact on the environment.

The Sling Wraps

When I design my sling wraps, I have to consider overall usability issues; however, thankfully there are plenty of sustainable and natural materials on offer that work well. I tend to use material that is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and I have a bamboo option too. I have to have the small amount of elastane to give the best support possible to the delicate frame of a newborn baby and to offer a robust enough wrap for the wriggly toddler. Cotton, however, is a material we can sustain well. Bamboo is a fantastic resource that many people do not realise can be turned into material. Our natural image of bamboo is the green shoots being munched by Pandas! As a material bamboo is even kinder on the planet than cotton, Baby Wrap Slings Go Eco-friendly is biodegradable, and the plants grow rapidly meaning that it can be replenished on a fast timescale. Bamboo also filters out UV rays and provides a natural shield to your baby. However, you should still ensure you take care of their skin and make sure they are not in direct sunlight for too long.

The Packaging

Once my slings are finished and ready to ship, my attention turns to packaging. I am concerned about the plastic problem we seem to have, not only in this country but across the world. There is nothing very environmentally friendly about plastic and disposing of it is proving to be a massive challenge. When I was designing my packaging, I was saddened to see so much plastic used not only in baby goods but everywhere. As a busy mum, I know how quickly the plastic rubbish can mount up, and I try my hardest to buy items that embrace minimal packaging with a nod to the environment. With that in mind, I have come up with a packaging solution that genuinely embraces my ethos. Your new sling will arrive beautifully packaged in a cardboard box that is 100% recyclable. I believe it is essential to carry your values into every aspect and am so in love with the packaging; I hope you will love it too. If you would like to find out more about babywearing or like my products I would be delighted to hear from you and offer you my experiences of my own children and the wrap sling, so please do get in touch.

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