Baba Bushbaby Wrap Review

Baba Bushbaby Premium Baby Sling Review

Baby slings are essential for all new mothers and choosing the kind of product that will provide maximum comfort and protection is important. The baby sling is a lot more than just a practical piece of equipment that can make your daily life easier, it also helps to strengthen the natural bond between mother and baby. Baba Bushbaby understand this and their product has been created to allow you to maintain that sense of close contact with your child while out and about, around the house or anywhere else.

Baba Bushbaby present their baby sling carrier in environmentally friendly packaging, which is extremely refreshing when compared to the number of manufacturers who still use plastic and other non biodegradable materials. The company value customer satisfaction above all else and will happily refund your money if you are not totally happy the product. Having enjoyed very positive reviews already, the baby slings available from this manufacturer are clearly some of the best on the market. The high quality fabric used in the baby wrap is a mixture of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This means it feels soft, warm and comfortable against the baby’s skin and yours, it is also made to be easily washed and long lasting so you can use it on a daily basis. Details like this make all the difference, especially when you’re looking for a product that you will be using regularly.

The design of the baby sling considers real world practicalities and the manufacturers clearly understand the needs of a busy mother. There are no additional straps or small parts that need to be assembled, making transportation, storage and daily use very easy indeed. With the ability to provide support for children of up to 44lbs, the baby wrap carrier can be worn in a number of ways to suit what you are doing at the time. You can breastfeed comfortably, carry your baby while out for a walk or use the baby sling before nap times or at night. The lack of any hard zips, handles or sharp corners means that no mater how you wear it, the Baba Bushbaby sling will never cause discomfort to you or your baby and can be put on and taken off quickly.

Overall, this is a great product that places an emphasis on the natural connection between mother and baby. The soft, flexible and high quality material allows both you and your child to feel secure and comfortable while wearing the baby sling. Unlike some other styles of baby carrier, this simple but extremely effective product doubles as a blanket which can be used at bed times or when taking a nap. For a lightweight, simple and effective solution to feeding times, soothing and calming periods before sleep or just for that feeling of closeness when sitting together, the Baba Bushbaby sling offers everything you need. With a money back guarantee and positive reviews from customers across the board, its very difficult to find fault with this product. Though some people may prefer a more rigid baby carrier, for versatility, price and comfort, this is a great option.

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